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Welcome To Bowie, Texas Area Music

Many folks in the Bowie, Texas area enjoy good old time classic country music, bluegrass, country and southern gospel, old Christian Hymns, Western Music (cowboy -The Academy of Western Artist) as well as western swing.

This site provides a listing of all such events in the area and new events that are not currently listed will be added if the organizers of the events notify this website. For purposes of this web site, the "Bowie Area" is defined as Montague,Wise, Jack, Clay & Wichita Counties of Texas. In some cases we may list events in the Metroplex area of Texas.

Previously this website did not cover events in Wichita County County. However, with the addition of the Red River Bluegrass Club, the area covered has been expanded to cover events in Wichita County. We have further added the Thursday Night, Pick'n and Grin'n at the Roenoke Senior Center, Roenoke, Texas to this web site.

This is the place to find Classic Country Music, Bluegrass Music, Gospel Music, Cowboy Music, Western Swing and your favorite Musical Groups.

We have links to other sites of interest. These Links are found on the right side of the page about midway down. Links on this site include The City of Bowie, The Bowie Chamber of commerce, The Bowie News, as well as musical groups and events outside the area listed above.

No musical event that serves or permits alcoholic beverages permits or tolerates the possession or use of controlled substances and/or narcotics will be allowed to be published on this site. This site promotes clean, drug and alcohol free musical entertainment only.

You will find stars beside each listing on this site. Click on a star to tell us hou you like that specific listing, group or event. We hope to see lots of good ratings *****

We also have links to other websites and hope to have links to other blogs. In the future we hope to have links to various musical groups and to places where you can purchase a new guitar or other musical instrument. --Have fun & keep in touch!!!

Instructions for locating a specific musical event or item:

Under the word "Labels" above, click on the event or item desired, then scroll down past the large Photograph. Your selected event or item will appear first. You can continue to scroll down if you desire, but there is not sufficient room for all items or events without clicking the event or item under, "Labels."

You will also find a Search feature: You can type in the name of a specific event or item, then scroll down past the large photograph.

Have fun and HAPPY BROUSING:


The following Videos are currently posted on this site:

Blue Grass Baby Shower Jam Session

A little Spot In Heaven (Written by Marty Robbins)

Don't Overlook Salvation (Recorded by Rickey Van Shelton)

Falling Leaves (Written by GrandPa Jones)

To view a speciffic Video, click on the name of the Video under Archives on the right side of page, then scrool down below the large group photograph and the selected Video will appear just below the large photo. All three of these videos are also available on youtube.

Remember, Music is gooood for you!

Some OF The Friday Night Musicians

Some OF The Friday Night Musicians
Front L to R: Jason, Danny, Skeeter; Back L to R: Ervin, C.L., Von, Bill, Wassie, Bobbie

Monday, May 28, 2012

                                                      Audience at Friday Night Jam
The Five Fiddlers
                     Back Row,left to right:Skeeter Boyd, Darlene McCord,Danny Russell, Tom Salata,
                     Wassie Reynolds, Ervin Lyon, Jon McCord
                     Third Row,left to right, Dean Ritchey, C. L. Griffith, Jason Currie, Leo Orrell
                     Second Row, left to right: Jacqui Duffley, Carol Mansel, Von Lawson
                     Front Row, Dolly Orrell, Ruth Ann Clark

Saturday, July 23, 2011

End of Watch 7/14/11

The family of Jessie Bryan Wasson regrets to inform you of his death on July 14, 2011. We hope to continue his 3 blogs, Wasson's Looking Back, Bowie Texas Area Music, and Tales of the Abilene Police Department. He loved writing his stories and there are many he had not posted. The posts may not come as often, but we hope to honor his memory by posting them to his blog.

Please comment on this post if you have additional stories or tales of past events with him.

Thank you for your continued support of our family.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

One Nation Under God

The above article was written by Faith Duffin, Secretary, first Baptist Church, Bowie Texas for Volume 5, Issue 7, July 2011 issue of First Focus, the news letter of First Baptist Church, Bowie, Texas. I think it is worth publishing here. My deepest concern is the fact that our nation has turned away from God. My prayer is that our nation will repent and turn back to God.
J. Bryan Wasson, July 2, 2011

One Nation Under God
Bowie, Texas Area Music
First Baptist Church
Bowie, Texas

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Concert in The Park at Bridgport

Remember, Music is good for you

Bowie Texas Area Music
Bowie, Mmontague County.Texas
Bridgport, Wise County, Texas
Concert in The Park
Pat Watters
Music, Music, Music

Monday, April 25, 2011

Special Music, FBC, Bowie, TX

"FBC Bowie Music Specials Rotation

Date Morning Worship Evening Service
1- May Keith Cooper Patti Hatcher
8- May Barbara Winingham Noelle Austin
15-May Tom Greene Youth Praise Band
22-May Justin Stone Justin Stone
29-May Clint Compton Shirley Williams
5- Jun Marian Wade J. Bryan Wasson
12-Jun Lisa Cooper Kevin Polk
19-Jun Kellie Lancaster Barbara Winingham
26-Jun Quintet Kathy Stout